Johnny Knight

Storyteller with a camera in Raleigh and Chicago


To me, the story is everything.  Action, intention, mystery, and humor.  When I shoot pictures, that’s what I see.

As a photographer, I’ve been building my portfolio since 2001.  But my passion for visual storytelling goes back much further.  A lifelong lover of the arts, I have worked as an actor, a playwright, a script reader, a film director, and even a juggler.  When I discovered that I could tell a powerful story with a single image, everything came together.  My passion became a career.

Since then, whether for a wedding, a headshot, or a marketing campaign, I have made it my mission to create something innovative on every shoot.  I strive to set the right tone, find that unique location, and bring out the personality of the individual.

Above all, I take pride in how I work with people.  Every client is a partner, every project a collaboration.

If you like the work you see on this site, get in touch with me.  I’d love to help tell your story.

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